Aero Wall Clock

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Number of parts: 320
Time of assembly: 11 h
Model Size: 75*47*16.5 cm
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Product thema: Office & Decor
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The time has come! For years, we've been hearing the same question again and again from our loyal customers: "Can Ugears create a working clock model kit, one that actually keeps accurate time?" A working mechanical wooden clock has long been our #1 "most-requested" new design. Your dream has also been our dream, and our team of dedicated Ugears engineers and designers has been working hard to bring this shared dream into reality. Finally, the wait is over. Ugears is proud to present the Aero Clock, a fully-functioning DIY wall clock with pendulum.
This simple-yet-elegant Ugears clock is driven by the force of gravity pulling down a weighted bag (you can fill the bag with sand or salt). Raise the bag on its pulleys to wind the clock. As the weight slowly descends, it rotates a drive gear, which then rotates an escape wheel through a reducer. The clock features an adjustable weighted pendulum which interacts with the escape wheel through the steady tick-tock of the anchor mechanism. You can adjust the clock's ticking action to the second, by sliding the pendulum's top and bottom weights. The reducer also transmits rotation to an hour disc and a minute disc. One of the interesting features of our Aero Clock is that time is not read with rotating hands on a clock face, but rather a fixed pointer indicates time on the slowly-rotating, numbered hour and minute discs. Moreover, these discs rotate counterclockwise—did you know that before standardization, some clocks moved clockwise while others moved counterclockwise? In the role of "cuckoo” the Ugears Aero Clock features a model hot air balloon. The suspended balloon rapidly descends when the hour strikes, then slowly rises again over the course of the next hour.
The Aero Clock isn't just a 3D wooden mechanical model, or a pretty showpiece. The Ugears Clock is an actual working clock that you can build yourself, mount to a wall, wind up, then watch as the seconds, minutes, and hours tick by. This beautiful and functional wooden wall clock model is for horologists, for hobbyists, for explorers, for creatives and romantics of every stripe, anyone who is ready for new challenges and ready to take risks. As you build the Aero Clock, a wooden wall clock with pendulum, you will learn the basic principles behind clockworks, how the steadying influence of a swinging pendulum operates through a rocking anchor, locking and unlocking the gears on an escapement one second at a time, thereby regulating the (slow) descent of a weight as it drives both power gears and timekeeping gears. 
The Ugears' Aero Clock with pendulum is a marvelous puzzle, and the perfect family project. When you work together to assemble this DIY wooden clock model kit, you will experience the satisfaction of building something together, and not just any model, but an actual functioning timepiece. Afterwards, you'll have a beautiful object for the home, something your family can enjoy together as time goes by.

This is the first DIY model that can run 12+hours on one run. Thus, all you need to make it functioning non-stop is to pull the lever down in the morning and in the evening.

2 reviews
Robin van Esch
HEEL mooi project.

Hij was veel moeilijker dan de andere modellen die ik gemaakt heb. Heb wel wat lood (visloodjes) in de zak erbij gedaan, met zout was hij met 1.2kg vol. Nu 1.75 werkt hij perfect. Heel mooi project!
Absolute topper!
De eerste echt werkende bouw-het-zelf houten klok. Geen lijm, geen schroeven, geen batterijen, geen opwind-uurwerk, gewoon op natuurkunde (zwaartekracht), een ouderwetse slingeruurwerk in hypermodern jasje. Past in elke huiskamer aan de wand. Absoluut een enorme uitdaging om te bouwen, maar een enorme bevrediging wanneer het (eindelijk) werkt! Ik was de grootste twijfelaar, maar nu de grootste enthousiast...