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VM-Express train

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Number of parts: 538
Time of assembly: 12 h
Model Size: 560*120*120 mm
Moeilijkheidsgraad: Expert
Product thema: Trains & Rails
€ 79,95
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9.4 review rate
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V-Express Steam Train with Tender is here to take you on a journey of innovations and technology.  Getting its inspiration from the Victorian Age of inventions, UGears created this fascinating steam locomotive model; an iconic symbol, commencing the beginning of global industrial transformation.

The exquisitely detailed design of V-Express allows you to observe the beauty of moving elements. Shacks and gears, the flywheel and the cylinder-piston arrangement; all these features make UGears V-Express look like a real locomotive.

Like all UGears mechanical transportation models, the V-Express is operated by a self-propelled motor, allowing the Train to move on its own.  A single wind of the Train engine produces enough power to run up to 13 feet.  The V-Express Steam Train operates on 3 settings: forward, back and idle.  The  “back” setting allows the Train to roll backward and automatically hook up with the Tender. The Tender, though designed as a part of the V-Express Steam Train with Tender model, is no less exciting and worth mentioning on an individual note. Designed based on the past century coal car, it is a fully functioning model, equipped with moving with elements like a locking hatch and dropping sides.

9 reviews
leuk model en leuk om te bouwen. maar moet wel oppassen want sommige onderdelen zijn wel fragiel moet niet hard te forceren. ik aanbeveel hartelijk voor de treinfanaten.
Leuk om te bouwen maar sommige stukken breken wel snel
Geweldig om te bouwen! Ik ben nu bezig om de aandrijving te vervangen door een electromotor...!
Leuk model om te bouwen, het mooie is, het functioneert allemaal.
Kim W
Super gaaf project, helaas wel een aantal keer losse onderdeeltjes moeten bestellen. En dat maakt het wachten daarop soms wel lang. Maar doet de pret niet af als het treintje af is!