Need for Speed Cobra

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Number of parts: 370
Time of assembly: 9 h
Model Size: 25.5*21*11.5 cm
Product thema: Cars & Vehicles
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We know you love car modelling and you love the Ugears Dream Cabriolet, Roadster, and U-9 Grand Prix. Well, make room on the shelf, because a powerful new mechanical model just muscled its way into the Ugears Automotive collection. Introducing the Drift Cobra Racing Car, a beautifully-styled, two-seat convertible—our twist on what may be the most revered sports car of all time: the Shelby Cobra 427. The Cobra 427, produced between 1965-67, had a 7.0 litre 450-510 horsepower engine, did 0-60 mph in just over 4 seconds, and had a top speed of 185 mph.

Driven by a powerful spring motor, the Ugears Drift Cobra racing car has the fastest team of horses under the hood of any mechanical wooden model we know. We think this 3D puzzle / DIY model is a beauty, with its fat tires, bulging curves (thanks to pieces that are precision laser-cut into fine 1mm plywood), a big open mouth up front, and open-air convertible design. This wooden car's moving parts include turning front wheels, doors that open, and a hood and trunk that can be raised. Instead of a rubber band motor we've used a powerful spring mechanism to provide the "muscle" in this racer and extend the model's usable life.

To put the model in "drift mode," turn the front wheels fully to one side or the other, set it down on a smooth surface such as tile, and watch as the model peels out in a sideways skid (ideally, your model should make a half to a full revolution before continuing forward, depending on the driving surface and turn angle of the wheels). When the wheels are set in their straight position, the model covers a lot of ground—8 meters or more! Set the wheels in a gentler turn, or put the racer down on a less slippery surface, and watch your Drift Cobra complete two or three full circles.

Ugears model kits appeal to builders and hobbyists who love quality, clever design, and who appreciate ingenious mechanical elements with real world analogues. The Ugears Drift Cobra Racing Car is a great DIY idea and perfect gift idea for the car lovers among your circle of friends and family. Anyone who loved the film Ford v Ferrari, who loves car modelling, DIY projects, 3D puzzles, or who appreciates outstanding mechanical and aesthetic design, is going to love the Drift Cobra Racing Car.

2 reviews
Ik heb deze doos met Kerst van mijn kinderen gekregen.
Had al minstens drie andere auto’s gemaakt maar vind deze de mooiste.

En de spiraalveer is een hele grote stap vooruit mbt het aandrijf mechanische.
Want elastiek wordt slapper en gaat uiteindelijk kapot.

Ik wilde sowieso al eens proberen om verf ( acryl ) aan te brengen.

Daarop geattendeerd door de Youtube video van Azai Lo die de Tourbillon daarmee een mooie uitstraling gaf.

Toen ik de video-handleiding zag bij de “Drift Cobra” waar bij het tonen van elke pagina even een Shelby Cobra in oranje/wit kleuren te zien was, wist ik dat mijn versie er zo moest uitzien!
Fijn model om te bouwen. Werkt met metalen veer. Rijdt perfect !
Leukste tot nu toe ( nr. 4 )